Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does Food Cause Acne?


Often, you may happen to hear from your parents and the grandparents forbidding you for eating greasy foods or chocolates. However, there is no link between food and acne scars that is evident from scientific studies [1]. In simple words, food does not cause acne as there is no scientific proof that food causes acne. Neither has it exacerbated acne. A study shows that the students who used large amount of chocolates, roasted peanuts, milk and coca-cola did not develop any sign of acne. Although vitamin A is beneficial for the skin but the role of diet in the prevention of acne is still questionable. A lot of studies reveal that diet is not the cause of acne [1,2]. So, there are no foods that cause acne.


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Keywords: Foods and acne, vitamin A and acne, Foods that cause acne, Acne scars

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