Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wheat Pills: An Over-The-Counter Poison

"Three or four weeks ago, two teen-age cousins (a boy and a girl) committed suicide by ingesting "Wheat Pills". The girl died before she had reached the hospital. The boy was referred to a tertiary care hospital where he fought for his life for some time and then kicked the bucket eventually."
"Years ago, a gentle man went to bed with two wheat pills in his pocket and was found dead in the morning. He was fully covered with a blanket for the whole night. Phospine gas released from the pills resulted in the poor man's death."“Wheat pills” are an over-the-counter lethal poison. The studies report that the patient ingesting 2 tablets of “wheat pills” does not survive.The problem is that these “wheat pills” are found over-the-counter, available in very low price (about 4-5 PKRs only). In other words, this dangerous drug is easily accessible to the general population.Wheat pills contain aluminum phosphide and are used for the preservation of wheat and other cereals. There is no law and order to limit or look over the supply of this lethal poison.In my practice, I do not remember any patient who ate “wheat pills” and then survived. Unfortunately, each year in Pakistan, hundreds of individuals commit suicide by engulfing these wheat pills.The government should think of it and prohibit the easy availability of this drug.Hope you will like this post and honour us with your opinion.

Keywords: Wheat pills, Over-the-counter poison, Suicide, Aluminum phosphide

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