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Mutual Pleasure: A Crucial Component of Sexual Satisfaction

Mutual pleasure is the key to achieve sexual satisfaction. Recently, Pascoal and his colleagues conducted an exploratory survey on 449 women and 311 men with heterosexual and committed exclusive relationship, asking for their written responses on “How would you define sexual satisfaction?” The survey offers is the part of sex education. This study was based on two themes:
Personal sexual well-being- it covered the individual sexual experience like pleasure, positive feelings, arousal, sexual openness and orgasm.
Dyadic processes- it emphasised the relational dimensions like mutuality, romance, expression of feelings, creativity, acting out desires and frequency of sexual activity.
They concluded that mutual pleasure is a key component of sexual satisfaction which is the outcome of positive sexual experiences, not mere the absence of conflict or sexual dysfunction.
The below visual image derived from “The journal of Sex Research” indicates what most of the individuals look for to feel satisfied.

Positive feelings

Positive feelings and emotions pave the way to sexual satisfaction. Positive sexual anticipation works as a strong aphrodisiac. Sex education helps gain positive sexual activity.


Mutual pleasure is the key to reach sexual satisfaction. Sexual activity involves emotional, behavioural, cognitive, sociological and biological aspects. Sexual pleasure requires exploring the way the partner likes sexual activity.


Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure and it refers to the release of sexual tension during sexual response cycle.
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Sexual Openness

No hesitation, partners should be open to any aspect of sex.


It refers to the sexual excitement and sexual desire during sexual activity.


How and how many times do the individuals like to indulge in sexual activity is very important for sexual satisfaction.


How many times the individuals embark on intercourse in a week? It may range from zero to 20 times a week.


Intimacy is very important to satisfy or been satisfied. Do what you want to do without annoying the partner.

Ludic sexuality

What is ludic sexuality? Have you ever heard about it? Play like a game and enjoy the playful game. Sex education helps a lot!


Pascoal PM, Narciso ISB, Pereira NM. What is sexual satisfaction? Thematic analysis of lay people's definitions. J Sex Res 2013. Available from:

Keywords: Sexual satisfaction, Sex education, Sexual activity 

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