Saturday, June 27, 2015

Refractory Asthma

Refractory asthma refers to poorly controlled asthma. It is also called as severe asthma, steroid-dependent or resistant asthma, difficult to control asthma, brittle asthma and irreversible asthma. The following steps can be taken for the patients with refractory asthma:

  • Check the patient compliance with the medication prescribed.
  • Correct the use of inhalers.
  • Add low dose low release theophylline.
  • Consider long term oral steroids.
  • Infusion of beta-2 agonists may benefit some of the patients.

Keywords: Refractory asthma, Treatment, Severe asthma, Steroid-dependent or resistant asthma, Difficult to control asthma, Brittle asthma, Irreversible asthma

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