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Selsun 2.5%: An Effective Antidandruff Shampoo

Selsun 2.5%, an effective antidandruff shampoo, is a rich lathering hair and scalp conditioner. Selsun shampoo contains selenium sulfide 2.5% W/V for the control of dandruff with regular use. It is marketed by Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited. The price of one bottle of Selsun shampoo is Rs. 170.
Selsun 2.5%

How to use Selsun shampoo?

First of all shake the Selsun shampoo bottle well. Wash your hair with bland soap and rinse them fully. Apply one to two teaspoonful of Selsun suspension (shampoo) into your scalp using warm water to lather. Be careful about your eyes and avoid contact with the eyes. Wait for 2-3 minutes so that the suspension system breaks to be active on to the scalp. Rinse your scalp thoroughly after 2-3 minutes. You can also use bland soap to help remove the Selsun suspension. Also, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid eye contact of shampoo. Use Selsun shampoo twice a week for two weeks and then reduce to once a week as needed.
Selsun shampoo is only for external use. Avoid exposure to heat and light and keep away from your children to avoid accidental ingestion by the children.

Questions and Answers:

What is dandruff?
Dandruff refers to a diffuse, slight-to-moderate scaling or flaking of the scalp with varying degrees of itching or erythema.

What causes dandruff?
Dandruff may be caused by seborrheic dermatitis thought to be caused by yeast organism Malassezia. Dandruff is also the sign of psoriasis and fungal infection.

What is selsun shampoo?
Selsun is an antidandruff shampoo marketed by Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited.

What is the formula contained in Selsun?
Selsun contains selenium sulfide 2.5% W/V.

What is selenium sulfide?
Selenium sulfide is a chemical which controls dandruff through its anti-Pityrosporum and anti-seborrheic properties. It also reduces scalp cell turnover through its cytostatic effect on the epidermis and follicular epithelium.

What is the price of Selsun (selenium sulfide 2.5%)?
The price of Selsun (selenium sulfide 2.5%) is Rs. 170.

Is Selsun shampoo gluten free?
Selsun suspension is synthetically prepared and the company does not guarantee of its gluten free property as it is not tested for its gluten sensitivity.

Does Selsun shampoo contain animal products?
Although Selsun suspension is prepared synthetically; however, Sanofi-Aventis does not guarantee of not having animal products in its Selsun suspension.

How long should the shampoo be on your head?
You should wait for 2-3 minutes before rinsing your hair.

When can I use Selsun suspension?
Selsun shampoo can be used when you have dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Selsun shampoo is useful controlling itch, flakes and flakes caused by dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

When not to use Selsun shampoo?
Do not use Selsun shampoo on acutely inflamed scalp.

What are the precautions to be taken while using Selsun shampoo?
Shake well before use; keep away from children; avoid its exposure to heat and light; avoid contact with eyes.

What are the side effects of Selsun shampoo?
Side effects of Selsun shampoo are rare. However, stop the use of Selsun shampoo and immediately contact your doctor if any allergic reaction happens to occur. Allergic reaction may present with itching, redness, peeling, skin irritation and difficult breathing. 

With what brand names selenium sulfide is marketed?
Selsun 2.5%, Selsun Blue, Chattem Inc., Exsel 2.5%, Selseb, Head & Shoulders

What is the treatment of severe dandruff?
Nizoral shampoo (ketoconazol) is useful for severe dandruff. Selsun is effective for moderate to severe dandruff.

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