Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Calculate Renal Dose of Dopamine?

Each injection of dopamine comes in as 200mg/5ml
If we dilute dopamine 200ml/5ml injection into 100ml of normal saline (N/S) in a 100 lm micro-burette, then:
100ml of N/S will have = 200mg of dopamine or 200000 micrograms of dopamine (200 x 1000)
1ml of N/S will have = 200000/100 = 2000 micrograms of dopamine
2000 micrograms make = 1ml of N/S or 60 microdrops (as 60 microdrops of micro-burette make 1 ml)
1 micrograms will make = 60/2000 microdrops
280 micrograms will make = 60/2000 x 280 = 8.4 microdrops/minute
Renal dose of dopamine is 4-6 micrograms/kilogram/minute. So, a 70 kg patient would need 280-420 micrograms/kilogram/minute (70 x 4= 280).
So, in order to give renal dose of dopamine to a patient, dilute dopamine 200mg/5ml injection into 100ml normal saline in a micro-burette and start 8.4-12.6 microdrops per minute for an adult patient. Calculate dopamine doses for other ages accordingly.

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