Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Manage Foot Sprain/Strain?

How to manage foot sprain/strain (Urdu: موچ آنا - Moach aana)?
Remember "RICE + Pain Relief":
R: Rest (have rest to avoid more stress)
I: Icing (apply ice to the affected site; do not use direct icing; wrap a piece of ice in a cloth and then apply it gently)
C: Compression (do the compression dressing to decrease edema)             
E: Elevation (elevate your foot by placing pillows below your foot to avoid edema)
Use Painkillers according:
Tablet Naprox (One tablet every 8 hour for 3-5 days)
Tablet Synflex (One tablet every 8 hour for 3-5 days)

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