Friday, May 26, 2017

Guidelines for Diabetic Patients in the Month of Ramadan

Fasting of Diabetic patients is a special concern as diabetes is a leading cause of disability and morbidity all over the world. In the month of Ramadan, if a diabetic patient wants to keep fast, special guidelines have been provided by the medical experts. Below are given some guidelines:
1. The patients with type-1 diabetes should not keep fast.
2. The patients with diabetes type-2 can keep fast provided that their blood sugar levels have been controlled at least for the last one month. If blood sugar levels are not controlled, better to avoid fasting.
3. If a patient takes only one tablet in the morning, he/she should take it in the evening (after the Aftaar).
4. If someone is on insulin thrice a day, he/she should skip the mid-day dose of insulin. Additionally, he/she should reverse the doses of morning and evening with some changes. It means, he/she should take the 2/3 of the routine morning dose in the evening after the Aftaar instead of in the morning, and half of the routine evening dose in the Sehri Time (morning) instead of in the morning.
5. More instructions can be given by your doctor.
6. If you know Urdu language, watch the video below:

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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