Tuesday, November 05, 2013

List of most Important Topics for FCPS Part- I Examination

To attempt FCPS Part- I examination is not a child's play! Rather, it demands an utmost effort. However, proper selection of books, study material and sincere guidelines from senior doctors help a lot.
If you are going to appear in FCPS Part- I Exam, the following topics must be on your finger tips and must be revised on the last day of the FCPS examination:
  1. Types of joints with examples
  2. Types of cartilages with examples
  3. Types of epithelium with examples
  4. Types of vaccines
  5. Types of collagen (examples)
  6. Skull foramina and structures passing through them
  7. Important surface markings of the body 
  8. Oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve factors
  9. Lung cancers
  10. Acidosis and Alkalosis
  11. Glomerular diseases
  12. Casts in urine and diseases
  13. Germ layer derivatives
  14. Brachial arch derivatives
  15. Brachial pouch derivatives
  16. Vitamins and their functions
  17. Specific antidotes
  18. Drug side effects
  19. P-450 reactions (Inducers and Inhibitors)
  20. Heart murmurs
  21. MI features and ECG findings
  22. Vasculitis types
  23. Hereditary hyperbilirubinemias
  24. Autosomal dominant and recessive disorders (names and pattern of inheritance)
  25. X-linked recessive disorders (names and pattern of inheritance)
  26. Chromosomal abnormalities (names and features)
  27. Names of essential and non-essential amino acids
  28. Blood supply of brain and lesions
  29. Diseases of basal ganglia
  30. Areas of cortex and their functions
  31. Intracranial hemorrhages
  32. Brachial plexus and its lesions
  33. Dermatomes
  34. Epithelial cell junctions
  35. Primary bone tumours
  36. Types of nerve fibers and their characteristics
  37. Types of mechanoreceptors and their functions
  38. HLA subtypes associated with diseases
  39. Types of immunoglobulins and their functions
  40. Types of hypersensitivity and disorders
  41. Tumour markers
  42. Intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of coagulation
The above topics should be revised a day before FCPS Part- I examination
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