Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Your Testes Are Hanging Outside The Body?


The testes or testicles work their best at temperatures slightly less than the one’s core body temperature. The spematogenesis (formation of sperms) does not occur properly at higher temperatures. This is presumably why the Nature has kept the testes outside the body in the scrotum. In this way, the heat dissipates easily through the skin of the scrotum.

So, wear large under-wears so that testes should not be compressed against the body.
However, snakes have their testes on the inside so that they should not scrape on the ground. Thus, for snakes, the inside testes would be much safer, tucked behind the pelvic bone (like female ovaries).

Keywords: Testes, Testicles, Low temperature, Spematogenesis, Large under-wears, Outside, Snakes

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